Welcome to Emergency Flood Team Canoga Park

            Canoga Park Emergency Flood Team is one of several property damage companies that exist throughout the state of California.  Canoga Park is in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, benefiting from great weather and lifestyle.

            We all know however that disaster can strike at any moment, without warning or notice.

Our Services

            Our company hires and trains technicians that have the knowledge and the tools to cleanup remove and restore the problems you are dealing with.  They are equipped with the proper certification needed to provide the best quality and professional services possible.

Common Damages


 Some of the most common types of damage that we encounter are: burst pipes, septic backup, toilet overflows, and other leakages that lead to flooding.

Flooding causes odor problems, leads to mold procreation, and to damage of items found within the location.   The stench from the flooding also makes it an unbearable environment to be in.

For more information on water damages, visit our Water Damage Section.


 Fire damages leave more than ashes; they will leave soot and other chemicals throughout your property leading to serious health issues and hazards. Whether you have a home or business that you need to taken care of, you will need immediate attention.

For more information on fire damages, visit our Fire Damage Section.


Mold is one of the sneakiest types of property damages that can pop out without a warning or notice.  We promise to contain the damage before it completely destroys the structure of your house. Our team will completely contain the area and make sure it does not spread any further.

For more information on mold remediation, visit our Mold Section.

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