Fire damage, water damage and mold damage, don’t worry we have your back and your property!

Canoga Park Emergency flood team knows how much property damage can affect the businesses in town. Water, fire or mold damage can cost businesses a great amount of money and if unattended it could mean the sake of the business itself.  Our emergency response teams are sent out to businesses in the city of Canoga Park no matter what time and no matter what the day. Our customers included local businesses, offices, municipal structures and the list goes on.

            Disaster can strike at any time and with businesses it comes in various forms such as large scale overflows, mold within the structure, and in some worst-case-scenarios fires.  All of these threats pose a great health issue to employees, legal problems to the business itself seeing how it is not in the best condition possible to offer services. Do not wait until your business is facing legal problems due to the inhabitable conditions that are brought forth by water, fire and mold damages.

We are certified:

            Our technicians have earned years of experience dealing with water, mold and fire damages. If your business is in need of professionals you don’t need worry any further, our team is equipped with personnel that is certified by the IICRE and are members of the ACGIH. These two institutions are governmental entities established to ensure home and business owners that repairs made, like our company, follow regulation and standards.  Do not hesitate to call us and for more information about our types of services.

Our services

            The first step in the process that our team employs is to make an assessment of the damages, depending on the type of the damage, in order to compile a report of the problem at hand. For commercial businesses this part is essential due to the nature of file claiming that needs to be done for the insurance company. We will make sure that everything is turned in as fast as possible so you can get your property damage file claiming taken care of without delay.

The services for water, fire and mold remediation for commercial properties is done with the outmost care and in the way that it interferes the least possible from the productivity of your business. For more detailed information of how we deal with each type of damage visit our sections.

Our team will work arduously so that your business can start running smoothly once again. Call us now for appointments or emergency repairs and visit our contact info section.