What mold is?

            Mold can become a real problem indoors with just the right amount of conditions.  Humidity, warmth, dampness, and humidity are ideal for spores to reproduce and spread quickly.  Molds can be found almost anywhere and they can grow on wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation.  So this means that homes are just the perfect victims of this villain that is willing to strike at any time.


How mold affects your home:

            The structure of your home is what mold affects the most; it slowly damages your walls and flooring. It will deteriorate away the painting of your home and also cause a terrible odor that will cause a terrible stench.

How more affects your health:

            Mold spores found in the air of your home can be the cause of severe lung irritation as well as other respiratory problem.  You are in danger of developing allergic reactions and side-effects that can affect other members of your home too.  Your health should always be your number one priority and our company does our best to eliminate mold from making you and those around you sick.

Our services:

            IICRC certifies technicians with having the certification and knowledge that is required for proper removal of property damage, like mold.  Our team knows how to assess the severity of your mold damage by arriving at your location and doing several sample analysis. We gather swab, airborne and tape samples. These samples are essential and follow health regulations in set forth by the state.

            After quickly gathering the results our team uses or modern equipment for complete removal of the mold. This process ensures that mold will not regrow once removed.  Once mold has been completely exterminated we will go ahead and completely sanitize your home or business will be restored. Urgent action is needed in order to contain the damage that is creeping behind your wall as we speak.

            Do not hesitate and wait any longer, the future of your property is at stake and we offer the best services for the task at hand. Visit our Contact Us section so you can now how to call us and our location in the city of Canoga Park.